Our Mission

To share Jesus through providing medical and dental care.

Our Story

The Medical Dental Unit began as a dream in the heart of Brentwood Baptist’s Mission Journey Minister, Sharon Fairchild, during her time on the mission field in Brazil.

After Sharon’s proposal for an evangelistic mobile medical/dental unit, God orchestrated every step, and people caught the vision. Within two months of being ordered, the MDU was paid for and delivered to our campus in the spring of 2013.

God has given us this awesome resource to be able to share Jesus with people right here at home while meeting medical and dental needs.

What It Is

It’s a 40-foot mobile unit customized to provide free, limited medical and dental care to those in need all over Middle Tennessee.

Directed by MDU Coordinator Michelle Pashby and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, their mission is to meet healthcare needs for the purpose of evangelism. Inspired by Luke 9:6, the MDU combines medical and dental services with preaching the gospel, believing that Jesus Christ is the holistic Healer of body, mind, and soul. We can’t meet only the physical needs of people without sharing the One who created them, loves them, and wants a personal relationship with them.

We partner with local churches to not only address physical needs but also share the message of Christ and facilitate spiritual follow-up for new believers.

Who We Are

  • Volunteer providers—made up of medical and dental professionals—who offer limited medical and dental care, primarily dental extractions and medical consultations.
  • An organization that partners with churches and other religious organizations to aid in efforts to reach their communities for Christ.


Who We’re Not

  • A humanitarian-based organization.
  • An ongoing clinic at Brentwood Baptist for people to call and make appointments.
  • A mobile clinic where anyone can call and request to show up at any event.
  • A government healthcare provider.
  • A medical or dental primary care provider.
  • An emergency or urgent care center.
  • A follow-up care coordinator.
  • Social services.
  • A pharmacy.
  • A surgery center.

Have more questions?

If you want to know more about the MDU, check out our Frequently Asked Questions